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Advent and hopes

12 Dec

TerraPatriaIt is time for advent, a Latin word that comes from Adventum term, meaning both coming as the arrival, so may mean foundation or creating something, such as the advent of the internet.
We hope-earth country, a term defined by Edgar Morin which means we should see the planet as a country in which we all co-inhabit, and we can think of our common problems: poverty, hunger, ecology and peace.
Advent means think of a future for education and health, first on the planet, then in our country, where little value the professionals in this area, also in the thousands of people who are deprived of these services.
It is also the advent of a boy God, to those who believe, and we can unite these two advents, which actually should never be separated, for this boy has brought to the planet should not be anything but justice and peace.
We believe and have hope for a future of greater justice and peace in all the earth homeland.