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The first microcomputers

16 Dec

tk90x_01In the first Apple and PC, the British had home computers, Sinclair, imitated brand in Brazil by microcomputers TK, since the TK2000 was practically an Apple, this happened because they had market restrictions, then were made similar domestic.
The guy who made these machines was Clive Sinclair, and there the original ZX computers were created by him, but that could not be sold on the domestic market, here was TK.
In the 80 Sir “Clive” title received the British court in 1983, was a great success with personal computers ZX80 and ZX81 the, national similar, TK82 and TK85 were, but only with the ZX Spectrum of Microdigital Electronics of Brazil, replica TK90X is that enjoyed success in the Brazilian market.
In the 1980s, ‘Sir’ Clive, as it is known since she received the title of Knight of the British Court, in 1983, had already made successful personal computers as the ZX80 and ZX81 and the were more popular than Apple, the price and simplicity.
The original models of Spectrum had a RAM memory 16 or 48 kilobytes and took five minutes to load programs from a cassette
You can find these and other stories in the Museum of Computing and Information Technology, Brazil.