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Brazilian independent theater at risk

18 Dec

DespejoHipHóperaThe most popular form of cultural expression, older remains the theater, and the independent theater plays a key role in this, emerges from the national and São Paulo culture more freely and democratically.
Due to real estate speculation, happened yesterday in São Paulo Cultural Center the first protest that shows the fragile situation of the independent São Paulo theater groups, who may lose their spaces or being moved to less visible places.
The fact happened last November with the Testimonials Bartholomew Center, which is a mixture of epic theater and hip-hop, with 15 years on the road and even with the rent on time, the group had to give the space a shed in Pompeii (west side of São Paulo), see photo above the dump.
A manifesto entitled Manifesto “In Defense of Cultural Territories Threatened” or public recognition that the 22 theater groups are the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the City of São Paulo, a document excerpt says “Can not that the right to private goods market a few is more important than the cultural heritage of many. “
Social networks helped Brincante group to remain in place, Vila Madalena (West Zone) with #ficabrincante campaign, by court decision the institute will remain there in 2015.