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Three technology developments in Brazil in 2014

22 Dec

In Brazil in 2014, there were record of interactions, reaching the mark of 674.4 million interactionsBrasil between July 6 and October 25, with photos, videos, memes, posts shaking elections on social networks.

Total interactions represented almost three times recorded in the elections in India (227 million interactions), but the population there is six times greater than that of Brazil.

Another great event in Brazil was the Civil Marco, which can be summarized in two main points: freedom of speech, saying that the internet should help the Brazilian to manifest at will, under the terms of the Constitution and the second is the neutrality network, where internet providers are prohibited from selling packages by type of use.

From the point of view of responsibility for the contents, the Civil Marco says the company that provides the connection is never liable. However, if it receives a summons to remove a material and you do not, you may be guilty.

In May, Brazil received one of the largest streaming music service, the Spotify, which claims to have “more than 30 million songs” in their catalog arrived in the free version (with ads) and charges only US $ 14.90, and has launched actions and promotions for new subscribers.