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Five new thinkers in 2014

26 Dec

2015Next to already established Edgar Morin, Manuel Castells and Peter Sloterdjik, which had a famous program in Germany Rüdiger Safranski along with about culture, which lasted 10 years, and that is the end of Paul Ricoeur and Emmanuel Levinas in past century, not yet “passed”, but known by the questions and issues raised.
Although the best known of Sloterdjik is “Rules for the human park” by the controversy it caused, is his discussion of “spheres” and “contempt of the masses” point to the major contemporary issues.
Is that something new can still emerge? can always, I have not yet definitive opinion, but I quote a few that should be taken seriously.
I mention two Europeans: the weak-Algerian Jacques Ranciére (You can still talk about democracy?) And Piero Coda (Della Trinita), an American Martha Nussbaum (Political Emotions: Why Love Matters For Justice) and Boris Groys an American (On the New ) and could not fail to miss an oriental, of course must have other, the japanese-american Francis Fukuyama (The end of History and the last Man).
Yes Fukuyama was criticized for its “end of history”, and this may provide little attention to what could be translated as “end of historical materialism” and his book “Political Order and Political Decay” (2014), which should be read by many of the world’s political and states that have a hole (gap) history in politics, especially in the western.
Caught  Ranciére and Piero Coda basic ideas to think, the first states that no one has more intelligence than anyone else and the second gives huge clues to a multicultural and multi-religious relationship to the world of today, with a history of life and not to think.
Gives food for thought and good thinking, humanity needs answers, what are the issues?