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As a global governance

30 Jan

DiversidadeThis is the cry of many thinkers, economists and political scientists, snapping two books already mentioned here, Homeland-Earth (Instituto Piaget, 2001) Edgar Morin and Anne B. Kern, who point out that while the world moves for a larger unit, also reacts diversity and seeks to subsistence crops, and this connection is the most difficult.
The other newly appointed book is the book organized by Sacha Goldman “Le monde n’s plus temps to perdre” (2012) and published last year in Brazil, wrote him Michel Rocard, Mireille Delmas-Marty, René Passet, Edgar Morin Michael W. Doyle, Stéphane Hessel, Bernard Miyet well as Sloterdijk calls in the title, stating the urgency of global governance.
The book of Morin and Anne Kern, points out two opposing aspects: “1) homogenization, degradation, loss of diversity; 2) meetings, new syntheses and new diversity “(p. 36), but there is understanding in this long-term multiculturalism means that you can harmonize up a” unity in diversity “.
Peter Sloterdijck reminding Hans Jonas and the ecological crisis, criticizes Kant’s categorical imperative and guides you to the future and the relationship policy with nature, but he remembers two recent phenomena: “a technical and other political, came profoundly transform the his power “(p. 64),” the first of immaterial nature, “we are coming out of the Neolithic”, and the second of a political nature, “started in the 1980s, is none other than the release of capital movements in the world which, allowing the concentration across national borders, leading to the formation of a planetary financial power superior to the States “(p. 66).
The new relationship with technology which is an output of the Neolithic says Sloterdijck, is an emancipation of the once spectator, the apathetic citizen controlled by the state.


Technology does not make us dumber

29 Jan

BillGatesIn an interview with Reddit what was said Microsoft founder Bill Gates, he said: “The technology does not make the least intelligent people” in question-and-answers he said: “If you look at the complexity of what people like in entertainment, you can see a big change in my life only period “.
He explained that: “The technology allows people to have their questions answered in a better way, then they are still more curious,” and so it comes as almost all the technology (there are destructive technologies as weapons and war equipment), it is thought for the better in some aspect of human life.
He explained the fear that much has the technology as well: “It is much easier to learn various subjects, which is important to solve complex problems,” when not know how to use properly are just grumbling about them.
We have commented here the book of Mark Bauerlein, author of The dumbest generation (The dumbest generation) that has a pessimistic analysis in which it anticipates a new Dark Ages, their mistakes are huge, but the most serious is credited to this current generation the deviation that has been going on in human thought for centuries.
Another widespread book already commented is to Nicholas Carr, Superficial, he is knowledgeable in technology and participates in the cloud computing project of the World Economic Forum, regularly writes about technology and culture in The Guardian, The New York Times, also sees only the current generation a problem of culture, especially in the West, which it has for centuries, the readings and superficial thoughts.
There are others, but in a phrase, the current crisis has deep roots and is postmodernity.


If becomes unsafe biometrics

28 Jan

Biometrics is the form used by banks, some safety equipment and also in the last electionsImpressaoDigital to identify people from fingerprints.
The hacker Jan Krissler states that could falsify the fingerprint of the German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen, using photos taken with an ordinary camera.

This case reinforces the idea, which is advocated by some experts, that biometrics fingerprint is not a safe method, it is worth remember that began it was used in electronic voting machines in Brazil, in the last elections in this country.

Declarations of Krissler, using the code name “Starbug” among hackers, was made at a convention for CCC members (association of hackers Europe), he is 31 and his speech was also broadcast online by the association’s website.

In his speech said that the Von der Leyen pictures were taken in October, and a “close” your finger and photos from different angles was possible to fake the digital minister.

There is much talk in individual data security, but public safety and respect for states by citizen data are the biggest problem.


The internet will disappear, says head of Google

27 Jan

EricSchmidtNot what you’re thinking, but the fact that it will become in such a way that this will be impossible to connect to something without using it, said the head of Google Eric Schmidt last Thursday in Davos, Switzerland, where they held the World Economic Forum.

Asked about the future of the Internet replied: “I will answer very simply that the internet will disappear,” second video made available by the network of US television CNBC.

But I did not mean by this that the Internet can follow the path of photographic film and floppy disks, but the understanding Schmidt is that the network will be in a way so present in our daily lives that will be inescapable.

May be present in a person’s life the moment he is born, in every moment of a person’s life, his family life, medical, student and various social activities, of course with the law of “forgetting” which is the ability to disappear with unwanted record.

But the problem of privacy remains, how to ensure that data is not lost and falling into the hands that make misuse, here’s a great problem to be solved


The arrow of time and the universe

26 Jan

NewTeorieThe arrow of time, a term which states that always move forward (in the sense of the time) and that the universe had a beginning the Big Bang, and are expanding, was coined by the astrophysicist Arthur Eddington in 1927, and then used by Stephen Hawking to formulate the theory of the Big Bang, but she has other possibilities.
Another possibility is the work conducted by Julian Barbour, University of Oxford, Tim Koslowski, University of New Bruswick and Flavio Mercati, the Institute of Theoretical Physics, suggesting that perhaps suggest that gravity is not the thermodynamics, Hawking assumption and many physical, which is the arrow of time forward, this suggests parallel universes, and not a single expanding.
The theory is unifying because the two time paths, gravity pulls the particles to a larger and more orderly model, equivalent to galaxy clusters structures, stars and planetary systems, therefore exceeds the thermodynamic model, which drives only by the amount of energy.
Scientists have made a simulation using thousand particles, similar to a point, and subject to Newtonian gravity in this model there are two future possibilities, but the viewer has the opportunity to “try” just one of them.
This model is still initial and hypothetical, or does not incorporate quantum mechanics and general relativity not, but have open revolutionary and new possibilities.
If the theory is true the Big Bang is not the cosmic beginning, but only a stage in a timeless universe and eternal, explains the scientist Barbour: “This two future situation would display a unique past, chaotic in both directions, which essentially means that there would be two universes, one on each side of this central state, “and so we would always have two possible futures, it philosophically and theologically is true, but the physical needs of experimental certainties and not just hypothetical.
It seems that the whole universe has to make choices and we together with him.




Technologies expected in 2015

23 Jan

OculosWindowsSmartFinally accessible to users (there are already versions for developers), the glasses Oculus Rift and Google Glass, Apple Watch (slightly exaggerated in some detail), Windows 10 (jumped 9) arrives with likely improvements; the annoying scroll screens 8 and the Start button and the new Microsoft phones (Nokia), Samsung and Chinese.
The Oculus Rift was the world champion sold kits, 75,000 kits to july last year when the company was bought by Facebook, promises to tackle the Google Glass, super advertised, commented, now promises to be entering the market, but the product arrived at Brazilian market for R $ 6,500.

Four days ago Google announced the end of the program and Google Glass disappeared.
Microsoft in this event last Wednesday (21/01) announced great news for Windows 10, including a new browser and new possibilities for games.

Around the start menu, but Windows 8 screen is still there, but now there is the possibility to leave everything on the home screen, without having to be “rolling” to the sides.
Microsoft will release Windows Phone 8.1 leaving aside the Nokia brand (although use this technology), Samsung launches its sixth model with versions in aluminum cover and the Chinese have occupied 38 market promising to overcome Apple’s iPhone in 10 years, according to Lenovo companies, Huawei and Xiaomi.
Not only consumerism is a need for flexible and advanced handsets to our tasks of everyday life, the cost is possible for Brazilians.



Technology: need or consumerism ?

22 Jan

ConsumoIt’s insane the amount of people who criticize the technology only what men do, machines do not devise anything, though it can reproduce human desires, intentionality in the use of the given object (not just technology) is defining your practice.
Throughout its existence on the planet, the man does not always inhabited this earth, he invented many tools to help you overcome their daily needs, the very division between the Stone Age and metals, is the manipulation of technology.
Many of these inventions, although designed to benefit humanity, just used to harm the life, and make the contemporary technological object an object of desire, consumerism, does not mean that it does not have its usefulness.
It was John Danton possibility that energy of atoms, but never imagined that it would be used in a war (Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II), now the use of technology by extremists, does not mean that the use of technology is “bad” or “good.”
Now let us take the example of the Internet, unscrupulous sites that exposes children, adolescents and young recruit, but we must not forget that these values are passed by movies, television shows and even radio, and some argue that even in schools.

The technology is a necessity of human evolution, it is bad if used by bad people and good if used by people of good intentions, as consumerism is an array of a form of human society and independent of technological advancement, is the consumption to give easy money to people that even though good-natured, does not have good intentions, they only seek profit.


More three lessons of wisdom in technology

21 Jan

The answer is not always what we expect.                                  naveVidro

The researcher Sylvia Earle has spent decades wanting to see the deepest ocean, thinking about a submarine that could lead researchers there, and what material should be done this submarine.

After years founded a company to explore glass, which with 10 to 15 inches thick will be able to explore with security the depths of the sea, founded a company Deep Ocean Exploration and Research Marine.

The director of this company states: “The glass is the oldest material known to man and one of the less we understand.”

There is always something unexpected

This story is recent, on the Philae probe who posed in a comet.

Who explains this challenge is Ulamec Stephan, director of Philae program, which explains that this landing was to complicated “We had no idea of the size, the cycle of day and night or the intensity of the gravity of the comet. We did not know what it was like its surface or the impact velocity of the equipment “, the ship successfully landed, but a position that soon stopped.

Wisdom and genius are elusive

Many brilliant and wise people do not consider themselves as such, the neuroscientist Sheila Nirenberg says:.. “I kind of ignore it and continue playing life you do what you do something independent label that give you I can not think of another way to explain the genius “.


Six lessons of wisdom from technology

20 Jan

InnerEarthNew technologies (or projects) require new way of thinking
The Bloodhound SSC project is expected to be the first land vehicle to break the barrier of the 1,000 mph (1,609 km / h), his biggest problem was reinventing the wheel, it is not the oldest invention, but how to design the fastest wheels in the world , able to remain stable and at supersonic speed and with limited financial resources?

According to the BBC technology, engineer Mark Chapman, “after hitting his head for four months,” understood that should use the new technologies of “new way,” said he, “What is unprecedented is the way we apply the technologies.”
Forming opinion from the evidence, not one’s own ideas
Geophysicist Steven Jacobsen at Northwestern University in the United States, among many other geophysical believed that the Earth’s water originated in comets.
But to study in depth the rocks as a way that scientists use to analyze the passage of time, he found water inside the ringwoodita in results January 2014 a mineral found in the Earth’s mantle, then found that the water is within the planets.

It takes more perspiration than inspiration
Yes it takes hard work, that understood the neuroscientist Sheila Nirenberg of Cornell University in New York who wanted to develop a new prosthesis to heal assist the blind, and thought only in the organs and not in information and their code in the brain.

So found a key element when decoded the project to decipher the code that transmits information between the eyes and the brain, neuroscientist reveals: “When I realized that, could not eat, could not sleep All I wanted was to work.” , the transmission of information was important more than the mechanisms.
Tomorrow we continue, but we must “not have ready answers”, “have the chance” that some call the conspiracy of the universe or God’s Will, and finally wisdom is something indefinable for it, even these six lessons are questionable too.


Networks of misinformation and conspiracy theories

19 Jan

FraternitéAttacks on Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine, criminals and unprecedented should not lead anyone to panic, Islamophobia (hatred of Islam) and should be seen as professor Emmaneul Taieb, Professor of Science Policy Lyon, so that was “an event which marks a break from the social and political order. There is a need to respond to the commotion with interpretations “but without panic and hatred.
They left many rumors about a third world war, until the end of the world proliferated on social networks theories of conspiracies, and people saying about the action of the secret service in the attack (the French far right) and other nonsense.
But these theories not only seduce the young, as demonstrated by the case of a suspended teacher near Paris or municipal officers punished in Lille (north): They saw them all a conspiracy behind the attack on Charlie Hebdo.
In times of great change, there are conflicts and most of them are always avoidable, is not justified the act against Charlies Hebdo, but also sarcastic way of dealing with religious issues, not only Islamic, were not only critical and passed about the limit.
There would be a great act against Islam in France, and fortunately the authorities did not allow, is not only the religious reasons that make the radical people, but intolerance, disrespect and lack of freedom for all sectors of society, including belief.
Unfortunately some theories of conspiracies were true, as the project the CIA (The Central Intelligence Agency) ran secret mind-control experiments on US citizens in the 1950s until 1973.

Yes, it happened, and it was so true that in 1995, President Clinton actually issued a formal apology on behalf of the US government.
We can not because of violence, withdraw the freedom of some sector of society, this is also an unacceptable violence.
It is a golden rule: do not do to others what you would not want it done to you.