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Technology: need or consumerism ?

22 Jan

ConsumoIt’s insane the amount of people who criticize the technology only what men do, machines do not devise anything, though it can reproduce human desires, intentionality in the use of the given object (not just technology) is defining your practice.
Throughout its existence on the planet, the man does not always inhabited this earth, he invented many tools to help you overcome their daily needs, the very division between the Stone Age and metals, is the manipulation of technology.
Many of these inventions, although designed to benefit humanity, just used to harm the life, and make the contemporary technological object an object of desire, consumerism, does not mean that it does not have its usefulness.
It was John Danton possibility that energy of atoms, but never imagined that it would be used in a war (Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II), now the use of technology by extremists, does not mean that the use of technology is “bad” or “good.”
Now let us take the example of the Internet, unscrupulous sites that exposes children, adolescents and young recruit, but we must not forget that these values are passed by movies, television shows and even radio, and some argue that even in schools.

The technology is a necessity of human evolution, it is bad if used by bad people and good if used by people of good intentions, as consumerism is an array of a form of human society and independent of technological advancement, is the consumption to give easy money to people that even though good-natured, does not have good intentions, they only seek profit.