Arquivo para February 5th, 2015

Computing, social networks and corruption

05 Feb

CorruptosComputing and social networks can help combat corruption, and the measures are not so hard and are so practical that when implemented in São Paulo attracted the attention of many political analysts and managers.
In São Paulo, there is an obligation of all servers deliver their statements of assets, but as they were in envelopes and not electronics, were never verified and checked recently a database with more than 160,000 servers in São Paulo was made and an agreement between various organs allowed cross the data.
An array of “risk” was mounted in areas sensitive to tuition and the certainty of impunity that was taken into account by the corrupt, many did not hide assets or puts them in the name of oranges, little by little it begins to change, the results will pop up.
In Sao Paulo in Kassab management, Secovi (Housing Union in São Paulo) came to forward a report with complaints about the ailments suffered, but the dossier fell into the hands of just Ronilson Bezerra Rodrigues, accused by prosecutors of mafia boss of tax.
The second stage is more complicated than is to identify “oranges”, but through profiles on Facebook can get to homes and property, for example, a civil servant who has a hostel in Rio de Janeiro valued at $ 6 million.
Today should be triggered a major operation, awaiting the news, is a good start and a warning, now are corrupt being watched and not ordinary citizens well.