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Liquid consciousness of a modernity that has always liquid.

09 Feb

IluminismoFor Bauman, as it was to the Enlightenment, the solid modern design would be the world control project for the reason pair make the world the best of worlds, ?? through the rational planning and technical (and it condemns today’s technology!).
Thus the state, through a solid project: provide the criteria for assessing the reality of the contemporary day dividing the population into beings as if they were useful plants to be encouraged and carefully cultivated and weeds to be removed or torn ??. (Bauman 1999, p.29 in Brazilian edition)
Bauman conceives of modernity as solid state and scientific control plan, valuing thus social and political institutions.
Also works with another category that is ambivalence, or disposal, everything should be known and categorized to then be controlled, so all that remained double, confused and ?? on the fence should be eliminated, but sometimes this ambivalence is present in Kant in overcoming subject and object, and its use in the categorical imperative.
After identifying real consequences of modernity, the concentration of capital and the manipulation of consumption, he sees it just the fact that the state is experiencing a wasting, ie, there is a strong tendency to the elimination of the nation state.
Misses of state sovereignty, which has to give up its control to favor the new world order.

Finally see it that this new state that arises would be a dependent machine of production processes, when it was not?
This condition leads to what the author calls the new world disorder, and when it was not, what about the two wars where Lyotard saw postmodernity? Shallow culture.
In Bauman there is no paradigm shift fund, only reworks Enlightenment concepts such as national identity, parties, national history and modernization.

 Bauman, Zygmunt. Modernity and Ambivalence. 1st ed. N.Y.  Ithaca:., 1991.