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Olympics without dump

12 Feb

VilaUniãoResidents of a town that where would the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) that would link the neighborhoods Barra and Deodoro in Rio de Janeiro, won the action that would remove 900 families who were “in the way” of Transolímpica via a work for the Olympics 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Interestingly much of that population lives in Street Esperança (Hope), and justified the name because they have spent the last two years struggling not to lose their homes because of the Olympic work, the Transolímpica will have 25 km of expressway with a forecast of about 70 thousand passengers per day Bar, where the Olympic Park is to the Olympic Complex in Deodoro da Fonseca.
In the humble village of Union, almost every house has a “SMH” spray-painted on the wall, who is the symbol of a graffiti that actually happened and is named the Municipal period of residence in the houses there were claimed from City Hall Rio de Janeiro.
According to local data collection, the community was divided, and the reason is that some residents who had very poor house receive government best apartments, but many residents have appreciation for the place despite poor and structural deficiencies.
The site RioOnWatch reports different realities of Rio’s favelas, including the Village Union.