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Greek tragedy, the choir and networks

19 Feb

CoroThe tragedy in the sense of classical antiquity has a different meaning than we use on a daily basis, meaning something serious with many deaths and pains which diverts an event to the downside, but for tragikós Greeks was when he did something great, according to Aristotle was “an imitative representation of a serious action, concrete, in a magnitude, represented, and not narrated by actors in elegant language, using a different style for each party, and that through compassion and horror causes releasing trigger such emotions. “
For the Greeks of the particular tragedy of goals, and the work of art should always cause Katarsis, greek catharsis, that is the purgation of the emotions of the audience, and the Marxist playwright Bertolt Brecht created the idea of ​​the distance, which is not cause catharsis but the reflection preventing elements of “emotions” and other theoretical Theatre Rosenfeld says about it: “The teaching order requires the elimination of the illusion, the magical impact of bourgeois theater” (Rosenfeld), that is nothing but eliminate subjectivity.
Criticism of networks is always this, that cause illusion and virtuality would be something far from the real universe in this way would cause “real illusions.”
Illusionists of all kinds of magical politics, propaganda techniques used to try to cause illusion, and although this has something theater and can be virtual, the illusion does not consist in the fact that the used medium, radio, TV and the cinema and various forms of art were used for this, the essence of illusion is deceiving to “shut up” the crowd, so much tragedy as any other genre of art and “communication” can be misleading.
The essential, who drew attention to this, curiously was Nietzsche, is that the choir is not excluded, blamed Euripides by this exclusion, it is written in “The Birth of Tragedy or Hellenism and pessimism.”
Networks are a possible way to choir outside the manipulation of the masses and the media