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The MWC happens in Spain

04 Mar

MWC2015The Mobile World Congress (MWC) hosts releases and announcements from the world of mobile devices, and beyond the usual release smatphones, the highlight of the fair were the smart watches, held in Barcelona, ​​the day 02-05 March.
Other wearable devices such as smart bracelets and virtual reality goggles are some product categories vying for attention next to traditional phones.
Were presented new models of LG brands, Samsung, Sony, Huawei, with the Galaxy S6 Samsung, which promises new design, one of the biggest rumors of the event.
The fair was held at the Fira Gran Via known flag, with the presence beyond the companies in the sector, analysts and the press.
Gradually the other big news, go into the daily lives of people, there is still technophobes who do not cease to demonize the devices, but while using them.


Corrupt companies continue acting

03 Mar

IlhasVirgensMany companies have complained in the operation Lava Jet still active and ask for new loans to the BNDES, which offered low interest rates in the past these companies, among them stand out from the Sete Brasil, created in 2011 to build and send charter to Petrobras 28 probes the pre-salt exploration, and which had been facing various problems encountered by the financial sector, with 8 members of Queiroz Galvão family.
A former director of the company and former executive manager of Petrobras, Pedro Barusco Filho, accepted an award-winning tipoff, but the credit release is a matter of company survival, which did not exist before, and therefore was “created” by government funding .
Another curious case is the Galvão Group, whose names appear in HSBC in Switzerland, she won the award of the BR-153, between Goiás and Tocantins, in an auction held last May, it is unclear how the bid was made, as the whistleblower Peter Barusco runs in secrecy and should hardly come forward, it would be a “leak”.
She asks for a financing of R $ 2.66 billion to the BNDES, or at least a short-term credit called loan-point, as is usual in this type of operation, is released in front, while the total loan is analyzed.
The construction Galvão Engineering, threatened the government in a letter sent in early February for the National Land Transportation Agency (ANTT), Galvão BR-153diz dealership that the bridge loan is not released until next week, will be forced to stop the works and fire workers.
The Galvão Group reported that “awaiting release provided credit lines to give notice following services”, companies in the HSBC are all in the British Virgin Islands, a tax haven, which has a population close to 23,000 people.
BNDES not comment on the case of Galvão or of other projects.


UN and technology for Peace

02 Mar

Recent UN report, as FierceGovernmentIT site, reinforces the idea that technology can help a lot inMissãoPaz peacekeeping missions, in areas such as situational awareness, implement mandates and protection, according to the Expert Panel on Technology and Innovation for Maintenance UN peace.
The report (see page) between the various recommendations of the use of technology in the areas and topics, an important aspect highlighted are certain principles that the UN has in the acquisition and use of technology.

But the focus of the panel is that you should be using widely available the technology available, but not proprietary technologies that can be relatively easy to maintain, give priority to mobility in relation to the maneuverability of assets and mobile information technology platforms are among the main recommendations ..

Some highlights of the report are protected vehicle mines, unmanned aerial vehicles, and smartphone innovations, and cites the UNMAS application.

Landmines, which maim so many people even in regions that already enjoy peace, use the type of ERW Security that can help peacekeeping missions and face the threat of landmines, explosive relics of war and improvised explosive devices, one can use the platform in multiple languages.

But the panel notes that the UN also have to deal with issues such as limited bandwidth, lack of interoperable systems, and cybersecurity

In the long run, the report says that the UN needs to create a culture of innovation.