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UN and technology for Peace

02 Mar

Recent UN report, as FierceGovernmentIT site, reinforces the idea that technology can help a lot inMissãoPaz peacekeeping missions, in areas such as situational awareness, implement mandates and protection, according to the Expert Panel on Technology and Innovation for Maintenance UN peace.
The report (see page) between the various recommendations of the use of technology in the areas and topics, an important aspect highlighted are certain principles that the UN has in the acquisition and use of technology.

But the focus of the panel is that you should be using widely available the technology available, but not proprietary technologies that can be relatively easy to maintain, give priority to mobility in relation to the maneuverability of assets and mobile information technology platforms are among the main recommendations ..

Some highlights of the report are protected vehicle mines, unmanned aerial vehicles, and smartphone innovations, and cites the UNMAS application.

Landmines, which maim so many people even in regions that already enjoy peace, use the type of ERW Security that can help peacekeeping missions and face the threat of landmines, explosive relics of war and improvised explosive devices, one can use the platform in multiple languages.

But the panel notes that the UN also have to deal with issues such as limited bandwidth, lack of interoperable systems, and cybersecurity

In the long run, the report says that the UN needs to create a culture of innovation.