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International Women’s Day and the numbers

06 Mar

March 08 is International Women’s Day, and the numbers and data across the globe and especiall8Marcoy in Brazil are still alarming.

There is still a large gender inequality in economic, social and political values.

The numbers in Brazil, according to IPEA  (Brazilian Institute of Applied Economic Research), violence against women in households decreased by 10%, but the evidence is mixed as there are other studies showing that overall violence against women increased, this may indicate that the law is effective only occasionally.

The effectiveness of the Brazilian Maria da Penha Law (PML), established in 2006, shows that the focus is not violence with death, because the research had the assumption that domestic violence occurs in cycles, and there is a worsening in the aggression involved in relatives, but this masking data is bad for one’s effectiveness in general the law.

According to data presented in the CNJ (National Council of Justice) on 19/02, through the Standing Committee on Access to Justice and Citizenship and the Department of Judicial Research, 92 000 women were murdered in the world in the last 30 years, however this number 43,700 were killed in the last decade, the growth is evident.

Since the creation of Maria da Penha Law by the year 2012, were created 6612 sticks or exclusive courts for processing and judgment of actions arising from the practice of violence against women, the study said they would need 54 more sticks to a large population of cities within the country.

The report also calls for the improvement in spatial judicial units in Brazil, considering demographic, urban and social criteria.