Arquivo para March 12th, 2015

Historical monuments, documents and their guardians

12 Mar

Just like the oracles and prophets of old, the scribes in Egypt and the scribes in the Middle Ages, preserving theDocumentos historical heritage of humanity at a time of globalization is not just our job, but our responsibility.
Some of the documents of the library of Alexandria, documents and objects found in excavations, restore, preserve and provide access to many task is almost anonymous workers, and through history it was they who brought a lot of information to us.

In a world with a number of information growing exponentially the work of these knowledge workers and a way of education is essential.

There are also those that provide access to this and other information, including librarians, March 12 is day of librarians and congratulate all.


Wikipedia processes NSA

12 Mar

wikipedia2According to British newspaper The Guardian, the digital encyclopedia Wikipedia says that the NSA is violating the US Constitution in its first amendment, which protects freedom of expression and with the Fourth Amendment, which guarantees to be made no search and seizure without cause The program called Upstream (uploading a file in any website or server) would be capturing information from foreign countries abroad.
Lila Tretikov, executive director of the Wikimedia, by the institution’s blog said: “By stapling the backbone of the Internet (network interconnection), the NSA is stretching the backbone of democracy”, making the analogy to say that democracy is being affected.
The NSA (National Security Agency) is an organization connected to American intelligence, there are games with the agency name in English Never Say Anything (never say something) or in Portuguese “Não Conheço esta Agencia” (No one knows this agency).
The post also states that the NSA exceeded practices guaranteed by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which Congress passed in 2008 to ensure US homeland security.
Besides Wikipedia, eight other institutions participated in the protest, including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International.