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Policrise and custody of the planet

13 Mar

Interestingly the term crisis comes from Hippocrates, doctor of classical antiquity, which identified with this name the possibilityPoliCrise2 of a disease and may have a favorable sense or not, so are many vaccines today, but you need to diagnose the disease or danger it, which is the planet disease at this time?
Meeting in Edgar Morin better answers and better diagnostics, beyond the only way that seems feasible: As a global governance of common destiny, he writes a book that is an appeal to UN: The world has no more time to lose: Appeal by a caring and responsible global governance, in which they write 6 more great thinkers: Michel Rocard, Stephane Hessel, P. Sloterdijk, B. Myiet, Michael Doyle and  others.

But as Morin sees the crisis, he explains himself: “The crisis is not the opposite of development, but the very form of this” he wrote in the interviews of Djenane Kareh Tager, published by Bertrand Brazil in 2010.
Morin had written in 1995 on the issue of development he said: “The development has two aspects. On the one hand, is the global myth that industrial societies affect the well-being, reduce their extreme inequalities and provide individuals with the greatest happiness that a society can do without. On the other hand, is a reductive conception, in which economic growth is necessary and sufficient engine of all social, psychological and moral development.

This technical-economic conception ignores the human problems of identity, community, solidarity and culture. He wrote “On Complexity“.

In his book On my left, which questions the ideological paradigms still in fashion here in our “sad tropics”, meeting a key idea for your policrise on page 16: “An invisible component of policrise is the crisis of thought,” Morin calls policrise: the interdependent crises of the economy of Western civilization, the traditional civilizations, development, we are dealing with placebos cancer of a society in decay.

You need to rethink the thought, be able to move in a profound way in the structures, stop ignoring the crowds, and globalize the crisis there, right there is the possible meaning of this crisis, I believe as Morin: “promote the economic, social, cultural cooperation all that goes towards solidarity unity of mankind “, the rest is football fans.

In America, Wayne E. Barker write the books  America Crisis of Values: Reality and Perception, and  he see many politicians and religious leaders believe so, as do the majority of Americans, based on public opinion polls taken over the past several years. But is this crisis of values real?