Arquivo para March 17th, 2015

Numbers in Social Networking Media

17 Mar

Social networks have worked in this manifestation as work in many others, however, the adhesion power, unlike dreamingGlocal vain philosophy, has nothing to do with the mainstream media, as a hashtag success was #VemPraRuaBrasil, that on 15 March was among the world Treding Topics also had more right-wing demonstrations calling for the return of the military and other hate to PT.

While Folha de São Paulo gave the number of 200 000 protesters as the military police and other sectors gave numbers near a million in São Paulo, and in the world every major newspaper abroad gave news: The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, Le Monde , El Pais and many others, highlighting the scandal of Petrobrás and the Impeachment.

Curious, because also the government side there is always a severe critique of mainstream media, which we know is indeed a monopoly of a few families and this continues to be subject both in social networks as the political wheels of Brazil, but the highlight of the mainstream press was small, perhaps because the budget funds on advertisements such as Petrobrás and Banco do Brazil, in addition to the government’s own traditional suit them.
Far from ideological political positions, often extreme and seemingly fanatical supporters of football teams, Brazil and Latin America is in a difficult situation, the economic backwardness can not be accepted by anyone, least of all by an ideological current whatsoever, no we have a clear answer to neoliberalism and not a real breakthrough solution of social issues, a radicalism of brazilian ignorant pseudo-intellectuals.

Great thinkers around the world are concerned about humanity as a whole, the civilizing process is in check a long time, and so the problem is not the fans of Juventus (small team of São Paulo, Brazil), but the world without forgetting local issues of course, a glocal design.
Glocal is what brings a holistic perspective (‘holos’, in greek “All”) local and global levels to building a sustainable society.