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Eclipse of reason, individualism and humanism

19 Mar

EclipseSolarMan can for the first time in its history watch consciously and intentionally a change in time, as if we had today’s consciousness but assistíssemos the late Middle Ages, now not right.
What is the reason, one of the most brilliant writings of Max Horkheimer’s “Eclipse of Reason” read it in a voluntary exile when turned in to a reflection on our goals, affections and attachments, read at that time, “again and again, when urban culture race reached its peak, for example, in Florence in the fifteenth century, there was a balance similar to the psychological forces “(Horkheimer, 2002, p. 136).
It is for this social issue, not individual, so many people are looking for a saving force, autoajudas manuals, doctrines that are somehow something that points to the balance, but will not find in the individual and in just a few groups .
The individual subject to the state, endowed with almost divine powers over the individual which should be your protector, your spoiler and can not sustain their minimum rights, health, education and above all peace.
Blame this individualism of individual, is to take the part for the whole, this unprotected and isolated individual is forced to seek refuge for maintenance and dignified life and individualism is the resulting effect and not the cause of “eclipse” that society lives.
The reason for the eclipse comes also of being in pieces: be social, be individual and spiritual being, knowledge of fragmentation and also fragments the man in parts, forgetting -If your unit be designed to infinity, as is essential, and changeable and finite in appearance only what becomes the agreement of the contextual and temporary need, but are for basic needs that were designed: sociability, love and peace.
We exchanged essential for emergency, trade structures and loved by Being, and it perish and the individual penalty for an existence always subject to the “eclipse” of an end of season.