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Democracy for Morin and digital activism

23 Mar

ANewDemocracyTo understand the painful process of criticism contemporary democracy, which is precisely for what it is undemocratic: the power of the cartels, lobbying, political lie used to confuse voters, and active and passive corruption (which is not punishable).
Edgar Morin in the short article published in the French newspaper Le Monde April 2011 clarifies some historical aspects unknown to holding the belief in the state, read: Francis Fukuyama, with some listed facts by Morin:
“The first lesson is that democracy has been fragile and temporary in modern Europe. In France, the Revolution of 1789 degenerated into terror, then there was Thermidor, and then the empire, whose fall brought about the restoration of the monarchy; it was not until the late nineteenth century to establish the Third Republic that the military disaster of June 1940 destroyed in favor of Vichy “(Morin, 2011).
After already remember the twentieth century, that “fascism destroyed the Italian democracy, which the Nazis destroyed German democracy; the Franco destroyed the Spanish democracy, the Soviet Union established until 1989, its totalitarianism in European countries it subdued” (Morin, 2011).
But democracy in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, as well as the “people’s democracies and the Soviet Union, even the 1789 ideas regenerated and resettled, albeit unevenly, democracy”.
Thus, “the Arab spring 2011 may be skewed, suffocation, seizures,” but “the message will be reborn and reborn: she became a regenerative and regenerative force of history (unless human history descend a widespread disaster)” .
Now these desires moving to the countries of Latin America, but not cease to be present in European countries, the East (Hong Kong and Myammar), and should spread to the entire planet, although many situations in Africa and the Middle Eastern require special concerns, and democracy itself can not be expressed ignoring the ordinary person, the unknown bloggers, microblogging activists and even post on Facebook, help you think all this planetary moment, and make the power shake.
Morin, Edgar. “The aspiration to democratic conduct”, Le Monde, april 26 2011.