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Digital ativists and scholarship in Brazil

25 Mar

Among young people is great addition to concern about the labor market, see the previous post, also the qualityDevelopment of education and levels of inequality remain a major concern and activists are protesting.

While access has improved (FIES has troubles, found for scholarship in Brazil), and inequality has fallen between income levels and blacks, the differences are still very worrying and show a society with great difficulty inclusion.

The figures show that although access has risen from 7% to 18% in Brazil, a number that is too small even looking Latin American countries, 20% of lower income rose only 1% to 4%, and grew more between 20% of higher income, since the number of white grew from 11% to 26%, while black 3% to 11%, growth is reasonable, but the item quality is what worries most.

Looking at the desirable goal for the average level of preparation for university, performance in public schools is wide of the goal in basic subjects such as English language and mathematics, where the public school level is very critical, that implies worst placements in the labor market, where quality somehow be measured in performance.

Brazil has 5.3 million young still in the “neither-nor”, young that neither study nor work, and Latin America are 6.3 million young people in this situation, it means that we are the record holders and contribute to the largest share of neither-nor.

Data are from 2011, but since then the crisis was already underway, now appeared.