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Braziliam School needs to enter the twenty-first century

26 Mar

Among the claims of June 2013 (Manifestations in Brasil), already forgotten and only disguised by state and federal outCenturyXXgovernments, is improving education and levels are worrying as we showed in the previous post.
Of every hundred students who entered the medical cycle in 2008, 35 did not come to an end in three years: repeated or just left school, among those who are just learning what it would be reasonable (target in the previous post) and this can be proven by IDEB index (Development of Basic Education), considering the faithful and not favorable to the government.
As this indicator, high school scores a by 2011, only 3.7 on a scale of 0 to 10, we could say fail or just bad, but even makeup, it has not improved in relation to past measures, what happens?
What was the make-up, was the group of 13 subjects in 4 areas of knowledge, poor or no read Morin, the transdisciplinarity is not so, read to enter the twenty-first century
The error is caused by a misunderstanding of the crisis of culture and thought that through, that would be to the unsuspecting only the super information, but there are also bad information or even the lack of information seen by some as “theories”.
Edgar Morin explains in his book To exit the twentieth century (or the Middle Ages), “The information in a totalitarian system, is not only a government information;. Is mainly a totalitarian government information Its characteristic is not only be subject the State from which the censorship results in subinformacão “and therefore not only the mainstream media manipulative no doubt, but we need channels ‘cultural’.
Morin adds on these points: “it lies in the conjunction of subinformação and the formation of pseudo-information, which provides an ideal image / legendary society” and this also means many skewed readings and unprepared social context.
Unlike Bauman, Morin believes that also in education the state should bet on educators with cultural and literary tradition and not just those who promote the culture of some current state, in the work he does hard against the states of left and right.
Edgar Morin, to leave the twentieth century, Rio de Janeiro, New Frontier, 1986. 346p