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The knowledge necessary for the future

27 Mar

To inspire can read what’s even open format in MEC (Brazilian Ministry of Education yes, and they read?) Morin of Work SevenKnowledge“The seven knowledge necessary for education of the future”, as he explains in the beginning it is not a content for any level of education, but know how to dribble in education teaching what is knowledge, because “given that we know that the key problem of knowledge is the error and the illusion” (Morin).

Why is this important? asks the author himself, and the answer is something entirely new even to some educators: “Because knowledge is never a reflection or mirror of reality. Knowledge is always a translation, followed by a reconstruction “of the author.

Traditional education only makes the construction, it is called-education: banking, basic, constructive or even dialectic, always incurs the same error: teaches “belief”.

You need to explain the perception of the phenomenon, which is primary, but hides the reality that we see, this is a clear example of the author, “as well as ultraviolet and infrared rays that we do not see, but we know they are there and impose us a view that its effects “and this perception needs reconstruction, needs to former complication and needs study and theory, in fact Violet is a good color to represent it, because” we do not see. ”

And so we know that there is no “there is no intrinsic difference between a perception and a hallucination”, here is the explanation of error and illusion.

Among the errors pointed out by the author, it is important for a globalized world, “Other error causes are cultural differences, and social origin” and thus can not read Arabic or oriental world with a perspective of the West, is a very serious mistake .

The second hole presented by the author is the “relevant knowledge,” we might add also relevant in the sense that knowledge is the source, but the author explains: “pertinent knowledge, ie knowledge that not mutilate your object. How come? Because we follow first, a world formed by the subjects. ”

The other five are simpler: the earthly identity (we are on the same planet), teach the ethics of “mankind”, teach uncertainties (to question), understanding and the human condition, that is a little more difficult, return this type of “knowledge”.

According to The Independent, Finland has just abolish the division of the disciplines, but in Brazil we still need decent pay teachers.