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After the Higgs particle, the parallel universe

30 Mar

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), gigantic equipment that accelerates particles in a tunnel 27 km in diameter between theUniversoParalelo borders of France and Switzerland, made the unprecedented experience that detected the Higgs particle, needed to consolidate the theory of physics Standard, which unified theories: quantum, electronics, photonics, electromagnetic and gravitational, into a single theory.

Now they want to do an experiment to prove the existence of parallel universes, and we would live immersed in 11 dimensions (see figure) and not the four we know (height, width, depth and time), they are in the “string theory “.

String theory was invented precisely the model to explain the movement of Hadrons, that would be basic of all blocks there, initially the model was the Polish Theodor Kaluza in 1919, left the Einstein equations and neglecting the masses and expanding the problem to five dimensions (four spatial and temporal), showed the unification of gravitational and electromagnetic fields.
But it was missing calls particles of gravity, strong and weak dimension, in 1980, Michael Green and John Schwarz called string theory and quantum mechanics, creating superstring theory, which seeks to cover all existing forces of matter, including the power weak gravitational one that explains the radioactive decay (called radiation) and the strong gravitational, explaining phenomena within walking distance of the atomic nucleus (nuclear fusion, for example).

For this purpose the Hadron Collider is expected to double its amount of energy, making it possible to be generated micro-black holes, something impossible in previous past.

This study aims to view the theory of gravity rainbow, which would make it possible to double the dimensions in space-time, and gravity “filtered” to other higher dimensions, would separate the colors of different frequencies, reaching form a black hole.

In the spring in the northern hemisphere (in Brazil is winter – south hemisphere), the LHC is being prepared to try to create black micro-holes to observe these phenomena.