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Technology, science and rebirth

04 May

The architecture of cirterciense monks, was followed by the Gothic cathedrals of medievalTetoStrahov and technical advances arc usage (support span roofs and even bridges) was a product of the Middle Ages, the invention of the printing press (the Chinese movable type already there) and later internalized understanding (silent reading was new) was important as the first step towards the democratization of writing and learning “scholar” whose word has a Latin root “scholastic”.
Among the most beautiful libraries in the world (see the list of top 10) is the Admont Abbey Admont founded in Austria in 1074 and 1776 embellished with golden tones, and the library and the library of the Strahov monastery in the Czech Republic beyond 1143, and indeed just cited, the monks built 3,500 libraries in the medieval world, knowing it was not popular was true, but it was a period of construction that culminated in the written press.

The dissemination of written culture through books, will start a learning process of democratization, which was not possible without the reproduction of books and even the invention of spectacles as much of the population was shortsighted, and allowed a faster propagation of ideas which paves the way for the expansion of reason, ideas and culture.
technology of great voyages allow not only the European maritime and commercial expansion, but will be the scientific advances that will discover an extraordinary number of new species of animals and plants, and new geological and climatic formations.
All this is in check including the technology itself, should I switch to a complex thought and look at the planet as a homeland for all, but you can not throw away the progress and advancement that rebirth gave rise, perhaps a new re-rebirth .
In the ceiling fresco of Strahov (pictured) made in the eighteenth century was called The humanity’s efforts for true wisdom, I think this is our effort.