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What is being learned online?

05 May

A new report on the MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) was published in late April andComputerOnline can show progress and setbacks in these new means of mass education.
The report, again funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates (the first was also and did a post), was coordinated by George Siemens, a technology-academic expert at the University of Texas at Arlington, and states that the initial frenzied enthusiasm seems now a little milder: “It’s almost like now we passed by a shameful period in which we forget we were researching and how were scientists, hurried to make decisions and proclaim things that were not scientific whole,” he told the publication of Wired Campus .
The goal then this new report is to offer research topics: student engagement and learning success in a process of self-regulation and social learning, network analysis and network learning, including: motivation, attitude and criteria success.
Siemens understood the basics of networks, this might be embarrassing said that without the involvement of the students. “Now the subject of particular interest,” it is just a distraction from a distance and is “is literally just a click away” as the published report (download).
Five key research themes were identified in the report: student engagement and success of learning, Mooc´s design and curriculum, self-regulated learning and social learning, social network analysis and network learning, and motivation, attitude, and success criteria.

The names of student engagement reports as a prominent issue. Many students enrolled in MOOCs non-traditional, to make sure that they are involved and able to succeed in such a course is even more important.
The Siemens teacher said he hopes the report will help colleges to tomaem r intelligent decisions based on research and evidence, to create their digital campuses.