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Manuscripts reading platform

06 May

A digital platform was launched by the library at the University of Uppsala offering works database scanned fromUppsalaLibrarycultural heritage collections, with handwritten works with surveys from handwriting recognition software.

The initiative was made from the competition with other software worldwide for applications become feasible to search for text, making available collections of enormous value not only historical but also economic, as noted by researcher Anders Brun of the University of Uppsala, as the site of this university.

The decoding of the manuscripts was made by a method that enables a computer to interpret a digital image of text using expertise, which uses a small portion of the material to identify the form and style of writing a small piece of text, then reading It is automated using standard experimental sample.

An interdisciplinary collaborative focus due to the relevance of the project to various humanities was needed, for example, the research done in the Vatican Library manuscripts, which if done without this digital process would cost a small fortune, explained Anders Brun on the website news University of Uppsala.