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Company announces clean energy

07 May

The Tesla company had already announced last year the construction in the US state of Nevada a super lithium-ion Teslabattery capable of supplying power to several cities, the investment of 5 billion dollars (about 15 billion real) in partnership with Japanese Panasonic, now announces a new step in clean energy, Powerwall which is already being developed in a warehouse on the outskirts of Los Angeles, announced last week.

The Tesla Powerwall equipment is to supply home residences from solar panels, and can operate at night, in addition to providing a secure backup in case of a power outage, as news on Business Insider.

In theory the device can be mounted to a garage wall can make completely independent houses of traditional electricity, using only solar energy.

The idea of ​​solar energy can change the energy pattern around the globe, eliminating the anti-ecological (and often antissocial in Brazil) energy from hydroelectric and dangerous nuclear energy, and the announcement on first May, the company’s founder the American Elon Musk said the goal is to turn all worldwide energy infrastructure until we get the ‘zero-carbon’ sustainable, left to governments and energy companies will leave.

Later this year takes place in Paris the prestigious UNFCCC – or the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change that promises an effective and real pressure presence in governments and businesses.