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Personalities and Mother’s Day

08 May

Several people tell the story of his life as a possibility and thank the choice of their mothers they have chosen BocelliEngthe life of their children, if not they would not have been born, of course there are millions of anonymous mothers choices, poor and suffering who decided to give birth to her children often without any condition or in disrepair.

One of these illustrious stories that came to all is the extraordinary actor Jack Nicholson, born in 1936, says that his mother was a teenager when she became pregnant and offered her the opportunity to abort it, but she opted for his life, grew up believing that her grandmother was his mother, and his real mother his brother, only in 1974 discovered the truth.

The singer Andrea Bocelli also tells his story his mother was pregnant and was hospitalized for a “simple attack of appendicitis,” but to examine the baby because she was pregnant, and seeing that treatment could have affected the child suggested you abort him as born with disabilities, but the mother decided to have it, blindness come at a football game at 12, and he says in a video his “little story” as the flame.

Edgar Morin says in his book My demons (published in 1997 by Bertrand of Brazil) account that was born under the sign of death, your mother should abort it came to trying it but they survived, wrote: “I should die for her to live, she had to die for me to live (…) I was born in death and was snatched from death, “the mother still live up to 9 years of the French educator.

My parents had 12 children, had a pact of love that receive the children that God might give them, I am grateful for my family, 11 are alive, love them each, Happy Mothers Day to all these courageous creatures, specially to my … really special was my mother.