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Mystery, particles and cosmos

11 May

The objectivist pragmatism that sees being separated into subject and object, can not see beyondDoisExperimentos the navel of the self, although browse by categories such as “individualism”, “ethics”, “consciousness” (or disposal which is the same) is himself unaware of their lack of beyond, the meta-physical, as the physical (physis) basis of their objectivity, alienated being trans- formed into subject (subjectivity) or canceled it completely in a homo sacer (Agamben).

Looking to infinity and the mystery, but not solve the problem, it helps to think we do not know everything that cynical reason (Sloterdijk) did not explain everything, or rather explained almost nothing and that life and still be there in the Dasein of the crisis of modernity.

Two events help us to look at this mystery, if only in comfortable field of objectivity, look for the infinite universe where even the man does not see and the interior of the particle where the man sees but does not understand the mystery was laid ( by Being).

Look particles is possible from Large Hadron Collider  (LHC) returned to work on the first Sunday in April (05/04), and now with an energy greater than earlier before 7 eV and 13 eV now, the particles will travel to 99 , 999999% the speed of light, and we can produce in the laboratory, similar to a micro black hole, this mystery in the universe.

After Hubble, a new laboratory will be present in the cosmos expanding our vision, named after the astronomer James Webb, he called James Webb Space Telescope, or just JWST, and unlike the previous one which saw images obtained by the visible solar spectrum, the JWST use infrared, and so you can see beyond the normal vision, and obersar the formation of the first galaxies and stars by studying their evolution to form galaxies, how is the production of elements and particles by the stars and see how to give their processes of its formation.

Look deeply in and out deeply, can help the man who broke up in modernity and to rediscover your being, or subject or object, but Being.