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Social network provides UK election

12 May

Tracking the number of tweets in English election shows the oscillation of the partiesEleicoesUK and the big news of opinions that networks offer, for example, the surprise variation that was the Scottish National Party (SNP yellow) that reached the peak on 22 April with 22.69% of vote intentions was appointed only by the tweets and the reaction has only dropped to 13%, but continued pointing to the big surprise in the elections.
The newly created UKIP party (in purple, the new UK Independence Party) represented the trend of much of the English nationalists who paradoxically do not want the separation of Scottish SNP, you can watch the changing of their position in April.
The work was done by Computer scientists from the University of Warwick are using Twitter, the working in collaboration with partners in the Department of Journalism at City University London and the Information Technologies Institute (ITI-CERTH, Greece), and is registered in the News from site of the University of Warwick.

About the prevision registered in site ElectionsUK2015, the Warwick´s  researcher Adam Tsakalidis said: “We are trying to define and extract meaningful features out of the noisy, user-generated content published in Twitter”.

He completed explaining: “This includes the number of users mentioning a political party and the number of users who have expressed a negative opinion about this party on a certain day. We then put all this information into our forecasting model, along with the parties’ share of the vote as measured by opinion polls. Predicting elections using social media data has been tried in the past, with varying results. We have evidence from our previous work that our approach is very effective.”