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Emojis in defense of animals

13 May

Those emoticons representing animals, will now be using the animal rights NGO World WideEmojis Fund for Nature (WWF), which launched yesterday (12/05) a new campaign to collect using emojis, animal emoticons.
With the campaign the entity will receive a few cents every time interested in helping issuing tweets with emojis of endangered animals.
We handle 17 animals (photo) endangered: Asian elephant, giant panda, the Green Turtle, Dolphin of Maui, the Dog-African Wilderness’, the Whale-gray, the Tiger of Sumatra, the Galapagos penguin, the Perereca -lêmure, the Blue Whale, the Cobra Santa Lucia, the Spidermonkey, the Asian camel, the Leopard-Amur, the Tiger, the Siamese Crocodile and the Tuna Blue.
Research shows that by 2050 will be extinct one million species, which are divided into: 12% will be of birds, 23% of mammals, 52% of insects, 32% of amphibians, 51% of reptiles, 25% of sharks and 20% Streaks.
Those who wish to help the campaign should be to use the WWF site to retweet the post of WWF (#endanjeredEmoji) and donors agree to donate ten cents (about 30 cents) with one of emojis of endangered animals.