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Understand the case SwissLeaks

14 May

The name was created in association with the website that denounced the US secret data on a site that the net-activist AssangeSwissLeaks built to disclose secret information, revealing little moral actions of many governments around the world, he was pursued and was arrested.


The SwissLeaks case actually began long before when in 2007 a list of 106 000 high-profile customers (read: a lot of money) have been identified in the bank’s accounts, involving politicians, people from the showbiz world, athletes, drug dealers and weapons, Herve Falciani was a former employee of the IT field who denounced the subsidiary HSBC Bank Switzerland.


At the time the British government and the French also identified several evaders and the names became known as the “Lagarde List” due to arrests and attempts to recover the funds in Greece, Spain, United States, Belgium and Argentina.


The French newspaper Le Monde had access to recent documents list and transferred to a consortium of journalists called ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists) which released the data, and impressed the number of Brazilians involved.


Brazilian data included 5,500 secret accounts Brazilians, between individuals and companies, with a total balance of $ 7 billion (about US $ 20 billion Reais), with Brazilian companies participating in government projects, getting the famous Galvão Brazilian company.


A book that explains the investigative journalism was written by Paul Bradshaw “Scraping for Journalists” and is available in online acquis.