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How technology helps Nepal

15 May

NepalThe technology was effective in initial help of the first earthquake in Nepal, but the second earthquake two weeks seems to be more cruel, as if the first killed more than 8000 people, the earthquake this time was in regions distances near the town Namche Baazar, which is close to Mount Everest, one of the highest in the world.

What is claimed now is the lack of more comprehensive high-quality maps, especially in remote areas, which means it is necessary to coordinate a series of medical efforts, food and shelter, in more complicated remote areas.

One of the efforts is the Kathmandu Living Labs, that uses many volunteers to create digital maps of the country, signaling the roads, hospitals and other facilities to the aid get faster, the advantage is that now there are these rescue forces in the country, they need access to this information.

You can find coverage of trabalos the KLL (acronym of Living Labs) in various organs of the international press The NY TimesBBC,Nepali TimesMy Republica, and Setopati  attesting to the validity of laboratory

The site explains that the emphasis of this laboratory is “in is on cutting-edge Web 2.0 and participatory technologies que empower and engage citizens in working with government and development”.