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5 myths about technology

19 May

While technology may have dangers, this is not unique to it, all means that man uses can cause deviant behavior, Objetosaddictions and consumerism, but almost everything we use is kind, from clothes, books and food, mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Information online as Infomoney and Olhar Digital released its myths, only one I repeat here, the idea that mobile phone use causes brain cancer, there is no evidence of this, just coincidences of people who have used very mobile and had cancer, which It is different from proving that this is the cause.

The other 4 important are: the computer usage difficult to read, in fact make a different reading on the computer, it is a little tiring continuously read on the computer, but whole pages should be avoided, but the reading of e-books is practice many readers, but there are also those who prefer books and those who use them.

Another myth is that young people would be less going to libraries because the digital world, did a post with Pew Research Internet Project site data showing that this is false.

The fourth myth is that through the virtual world is opposed to the real, that unfortunately even sociologists and serious thinkers spread, first this is a logical error because the virtual is not opposed to real, not unreal, but only “potential” towards possible, with a lack of knowledge of the meaning of the word that comes from virtus, which is the same rais of virtue.

The fifth myth is that technology somehow opposes the construction of the human being, or even of humanism or anything positive for man, that is unaware that throughout human history technology has always sought to help the man, of course there are instruments of war, the atomic bomb etc, that is destructive technology, but beware of generalizations, almost everything we use clothing to work instruments, almost everything suffers and suffers constant technological change in order to improve the instrument.

The fifth is a philosophical myth of the West, the idea that everything is object is negligible and should not prevent direct human relationship, now just think of things from day to day: clothes, objects of our home, our work, books and of course their own money and technological objects, they are “impregnated” of humanity because they are part of our relationship Others, of course can be used positively or not, but this decision is up to man