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In virtual, another Somali

03 Jul

The news in the Western world in particular, butUgaasa in general show Somalis, fashion laureate film “Captain Phillips” which speaks of the hijacking of a ship by Somali, with Tom Hanks in the lead role, based on the movie of the real captain Richard Phillips, which was published in Brazil as “Dever de Capitão” (Publisher Intrínseca).

Now young Somalis try to change this and shows another Somalia that does not sell newspapers and is not remembered only by wars and kidnappings in the capital Mogadishu using Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter through the hashtag #TheSomaliayouneverheardabout (Somalia which you never heard), they are spreading the image of Somalia’s day-to-day.

She Ugaaso Boocow said the agency EFE: “I try to change, with all my strength, the vision that one has of Somalia,” and she became famous on the Internet posting photos and videos showing the most beautiful and kind side of Mogadishu.

The young woman poses in places with traces of bullets and mortars, and already has more than 80,000 followers on Instagram and almost 5000 on Twitter.

She appears wearing colorful hijabs and sunglasses, almost always smiling, it appears in emblematic places of the capital, a white city with walls full of bullet holes and mortar.

Often the virtual world is more real, more hopeful than real newspaper.


We can limit the intelligence Artificial

02 Jul

Now is serious discussion, proximity to situations where machines can go beyond human capacity were openly discussed in Washington DC, an event sponsored by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), and was discussed whether surpassing human intelligence, machines place in check point the human.

The matter was reported in the Computer World and is philosophical concernaSingularity of philosophers such as Peter Sloterdijk, Hannah Arendt and Heidegger Ernest, but it is also curiously expected as singularity point,

The researcher Stuart Russel, professor of Electrical Enginnering and Comptuer Sciences at U.C. Berkerley said:. “We’re all working on pieces of it…. If we succeed, we’ll drive the human race off the cliff, but we kind of hope we’ll run out of gas before we get to the cliff. That doesn’t seem like a very good plan…. Maybe we need to steer in a different direction.”

Russell was one of the five speakers on the panel today that took on questions about A.I. and fears that the technology could one day become smarter than humans and run amok.

Also the physicist Hawking, who wrote A Brief History of Time, said in May that robots with artificial intelligence could outpace humans within the next 100 years. Late last year, he was even more blunt: “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.”


Apple launched the music streaming in Brazil

01 Jul

It was officially launched yesterday (30/06) Apple’s music streaming service in Brazil, according to Ian Rogers, director of the Apple Music. , The first transmission however was scheduled for Tuesday the 13 hs.

The program was directed by DJ Zane Lowe, who just interviewed ENINEM rapper, but Pharrell Williams, Elton John, Drake and other musicians were present at fast online Apple Music.

According to Apple’s senior vice president, iTunes Match users can use the application from the Apple Music, this means that libraries have made are not lost.

Initially the Apple Music will be free during the first three months of use, won the trial period, the monthly payment shall rotate at $ 9.99 but it seems to be half Brazilian $ 4.99 to be the price of the service.

Nothing against or in favor of PAID music service from Apple, just that there is a change.