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USP conducts a “Scientific Turn”

17 Oct

With over 300 free activities, today and tomorrow (17 and 18/10) the first editionViradaCientífica of Scientific Turn (Virada Científica) na  upset held this year 2015.

The event is a partnership between the Dean of Culture and University Extension (PRCEU) and the Ministry of Science of Brazil, Technology and Innovation will offer, within 24 hours.

According to Eduardo Cooli, general big news event coordinator is in Praça do Relógio (Clock Square), located in center of University City, with circus workshops and performances starring the Circusp, with the intention of creating a larger movement in this square which is quite central.

There shall also Ciencidade Stage, where there will be some attractions like “Do skate the visual arts”, “Cancer: learn to control” and others.All eight USP units will have activities: São Carlos, Bauru, Pirassununga and Lorraine in the capital are included units of EACH (School Of Arts, Science and Humanities) and the Casa de Dona Yaya.

I will be giving a lecture on “Operation and peculiarities of Social Networks” the 17 hours in the Geoscience Institute at 17 hours.


Brazilian economical crisis continue

16 Oct

During the last four years we reported on our blog worsening control of public RendaPerCapitaspending, the figures now indicate that the transfer trend of rising US currency for inflation, will impact on the whole population, especially the poor.

According to Folha de São Paulo Magazine, all banks and consulting firms have revised up the expected inflation in 2016, most with rates above 7.5%, while the central bank tries to remain optimistic at a rate of 6.5%, but in 2016 will inflation.

It would take structural measures, not just palliative which are the sine that are taken as the control “monetarist” the interest rate alone does not account to hold inflation within an uncompetitive economy as the Brazilian, with high taxes.

Monetarism is a neoliberal economic theory that argues that it is possible to maintain the stability of the capitalist economy for control of monetary instruments, the volume of money available, interest rates, dollar value and various other forms of payment.

The alarming data, which measure key year is just the last elections is the comparison of per-capita income of Brazil’s gross debt as % of GDP, it leaves no doubt that on average, the Brazilian is impoverishing (into debt) and the poor more.


Addicted to digital technology

15 Oct

Most people often confuse the fact that there are people addicted to technology,Relax with the fact that digital technology is a new kind of “drug” that infected everyone.

There are very simple ways to diagnose and combat addiction to technology, explains the medical Nerina Ramlakhan, specialist in energy and techniques to cool sleeping Nightingale Hospital in London, told BBC News.

He explained by saying that this is for people who can not turn off the same gadgets before bed:. “So you live in survival mode Your sympathetic nervous system is working in forced pace I suppose you feel miserable afternoon what. means that your body is acting on the basis of epinephrine, norepinephrine and cortisol, “then you really are hooked.

The profile of patients is almost always the same: perfectionism tendency to want to control everything and bruxism (teeth grinding while sleeping).

One of the self-radicas forms is receiving continuous doses of dopamine, a hormone released in the brain by the hypothalamus, thus improves motivation, increases the heartbeat, improves mood, better able to process information and more sleep, explained Dr. Ramlakhan .

She recommends four simple steps recipe to control this addiction:

– Creating a “sunset electronic” go away electronic devices, for example, read a book (not electronic).

– Keep the clock away overnight, not to tell time with this avoids the type anxieties: I have to sleep, I can not relax, etc.

– Do not use your smartphone as an alarm clock, recharge healthy energy: have breakfast, but in half an hour after waking prefer other beverage to coffee.

– Keep yourself hydrated at least two liters of water a day.

Of course, the important thing is to use technology only necessary and avoid “technology fatigue”.


(Português) Senado encaminha sigilo de dados

14 Oct

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NASA find Earth 2.0

13 Oct

NASA (North American Space Agency) found the most old cousin of ourTerra20planet, with age and very similar structure, the official name is Kepler 452-b, but it has been dubbed Earth 2.0.
It is a little longer and older than our planet, as the Earth has more than 4.5 billion years, the Earth 2.0 has 6 billion, Kepler-452b is about 60% larger than the Earth and needs 385 days to complete one orbit around its star, Kepler 452.
The planet is in the constellation Cygnus, and its solar system is 1400 light years away from ours.
Still may not know exactly what it’s made her solo, but know that it is rocky and quite likely that there is water.
The discovery of Kepler-452b is important, but it is not unprecedented. Last year, US space agency’s astronomers found the first exoplanet with a size similar to that of Earth, the Kepler-186F, as the Earth 2.0 is also a “habitable” zone of a star.
Launched in 2009, the Kepler spacecraft has given the astronomer’s name (Johannes Kepler) to this planet, have been seen almost 4696 candidates for exoplanets while only 1030 have had their existence confirmed.
Is the question we are still alone in this immense darkness of the universe?


Neutrino and future of the technology

10 Oct

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2015 went to two scientists, the Canadian Arthur McDonald,Neutrine the Observatory of Neutrinos Sudbury (Queen’s University) and the Japanese Takaaki Kajita, the Observatory SuperKamiokande (University of Tokyo) changes the physical longer as recently fixed by Higgs boson of the Standard Physics and can change the technology.

Neutrinos are known to two decades, and these particles however by the standard physics theory had mass in two independent experiments, the teams led by Kajita and McDonald showed that neutrinos can change identity, or “flavor”, as jargon of particle physics.

In other words, a type of neutrino can transform into others who were already known its three types: electron, muon and tau.But for this it is necessary that the particle has mass and called Standard Model of Particle Physics considered until then that the neutrino had no mass.Robert Garisto, the Physical Review Letters editor, explains “although each neutrino is produced with a specific flavor, its quantum state can develop into a combination of three flavors, with proportions ranging in time.

The probability of detection as a neutrino muon, for example, will depend on the muon component size in neutrino at the time of detection. The smaller the difference in mass between the flavors, the greater the period of oscillation, so that the oscillations may not occur if all the flavors were the same mass or no mass were not, since the effect depends only on the mass difference squared.

The period of oscillation also increases with the neutrino energy. “The consequences are enormous because in addition to the photo and dark matter which little is known, the neutrino is one of the most abundant materials on the planet.In 1928 the British physicist Paul Dirac developed an equation that should work with a particle with mass, but in 1929 the German mathematician Hermann Weyl found another solution to the Dirac equation for a massless particle.

This point was called “points of Weyl” in the 50 Ling Lu and his colleagues have identified this point in a material called crystal double-giroide photonic and a team of Princeton researchers found fermions Weyl within a metal crystal arsenide tantalum.A nanometer scale (see photo), based on these two materials can ignite a revolution of physics of materials, photonics and especially in quantum computing.


(Português) A naturalização da delinquência

09 Oct

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(Português) O mal ético e a corrupção

08 Oct

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(Português) Tecnologia e natureza são inimigos ?

07 Oct

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Tool to develop software

06 Oct

A tool developed at Washington University to improve collaborationCrystal between software developers was evaluated by a team of software engineering research, as one of the most important trbaallhos the past five years, according to the website of UW.

Recognition of this important study was done both in the industrial field conducted by Microsoft Research Ecomo in the academic field from the University of Singapore Management, who asked more than 500 software developers to assess the relevance of this work by applying it to 571 research projects .

The largest number of respondents rated the UW project, as the tool that generated more collaboration tool Crystal (Crystal), Tuning its to a complement “essential” for the practice of software development.

The UW research team is led by Professors Michael Ernst and the late David Notkin to amplar a way to help developers who are working on a team that can make parallel changes without being in conflict with each other.

Crystal is like a merger in the changes of each software developer mode conflicts become apparent and can be quickly resolved.

Crystal avoids wasting time returning to the code to fix conflicts and problems after the fact.