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Brazilian economical crisis continue

16 Oct

During the last four years we reported on our blog worsening control of public RendaPerCapitaspending, the figures now indicate that the transfer trend of rising US currency for inflation, will impact on the whole population, especially the poor.

According to Folha de São Paulo Magazine, all banks and consulting firms have revised up the expected inflation in 2016, most with rates above 7.5%, while the central bank tries to remain optimistic at a rate of 6.5%, but in 2016 will inflation.

It would take structural measures, not just palliative which are the sine that are taken as the control “monetarist” the interest rate alone does not account to hold inflation within an uncompetitive economy as the Brazilian, with high taxes.

Monetarism is a neoliberal economic theory that argues that it is possible to maintain the stability of the capitalist economy for control of monetary instruments, the volume of money available, interest rates, dollar value and various other forms of payment.

The alarming data, which measure key year is just the last elections is the comparison of per-capita income of Brazil’s gross debt as % of GDP, it leaves no doubt that on average, the Brazilian is impoverishing (into debt) and the poor more.