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Technologies that can change our lives

27 Oct

Many things can impact our lives and change the way the market and evenMoleculaCO2 people behave, it is the case with many technologies, but there is still something to happen.

3D printers, grew 35% since 2011, the figures were moved around US $ 1.7 billion is over $ 3 billion this year and could reach 6.5 billion by 2019, according to assessment of Alliance Bernstein, and this may affect up to production mode.

Already posted here that Skype will be doing translations online in an attempt to compete in a space filled increasingly by WhatsApp, the sense of citizenship world will increase with this and the global village will becoming a homeland-world, as predicted Edgar Morin .

The company Joule Biotechnologies instead of using organic matter, we must stop the organic production for fuels unfortunately is the case of sugarcane and corn, are trying to accomplish genetic modification to photosynthetic organisms that use solar energy to convert carbon dioxide into ethanol and diesel which is carbon, and oxygen (C02). This may change the supply chain that depends on fossil fuels.

A changing world depends on the technology and they can and should affect human life, but of course, all decisions are taken by men (and women).