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200 years of George Boole

02 Nov

Born November 2, 1815, Algebra which created was instrumental inBoole the birth of digital logic (0 and 1, or F=false and V=True), and later at MIT, Vannevar Bush suggested to Claude Shannon who was to become one of the foundations of modern digital computing .

The development of Boole became one of the important mathematical schools, which would influence the philosopher Bertrand Russerl, who wrote; “Pure mathematics was discovered by Boole in his work ‘Laws of Thought’ ‘which was published in 1850.

Although this is a mistake, because the thought does not move for binary laws, Yes and No, as there is perhaps the power and an endless variety of possibilities, Boole later did important work called invariant (or calculus of variations) , which influenced the Theory of Relativity of Albert Einstein.

In 1838, he published a pamphlet called The Mathematical Analysis of Logic, which influenced De Morgan who made a number of simplifications to make the laws of Algebra Boole more simple and easy to be “adopted” in mechanical, electromechanical processes (relays that have emerged more afternoon) and all digital devices that have emerged from these “laws”.

Although it has already died with great respect, it was Whitehead and Russell work Principia Mathematica (1910-1913) who convinced mathematicians that symbolic logic should receive your serious attention.