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Sensor artificial tact

03 Nov

Among the various wearable technology (announced with the next ‘wave’), CircuitoFlexivelis the interesting work on an “artificial” feel, published in the jornal Science.

Second Zhenan Bao the researcher, flexible type of sensor produces a pulse pattern which is immediately recognized by the nervous system, while initially placed hand, this feature enables be used in other parts of the body.

The researcher said: “With plastic materials, we and other researchers in this area had already succeeded in producing touch-sensitive sensors – but the electrical signal coming out of these sensors was not the right format to be interpreted by the brain”.

Other models of computer processing needed to produce the sensation of “touch”, as this produces the pulses directly.

The use of plastic makes the flexible material, and the sensors can be useful in other wearable technology equipment, as stated, “The sensors are very thin and flexible, and are also elastic Then you could mount a sensor on your skin and use. it does to detect vital signs such as heart rate and blood pressure. ”

Just below this layer of “skin” for a printed electronic circuit that functions as an oscillator, which transforms the varying current in a series of impulses. With more pressure and more current, the rate of pulses rises.