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The electric car batteries evolve

04 Nov

The lithium ions are those that feed many mobileBateriaEletrica devices, but use this technology in automobiles has proved difficult, and the current batteries in electric car have little autonomy (80 to 100 km only).

Now researchers at the University of Cambridge are researching a kind of battery called lithium-air or lithium-oxygen, which can provide 10 times more energy, and even sufficient power to compare with gasoline, but it still involves some problems practical.

Now researchers at Cambridge University say they have patented a technology that overcomes some of the main obstacles, according to Clare Grey, project researcher and chemistry professor at the University of Cambridge, now “a significant achievement” of his team already has progress towards high capacity “as we take efficiency to numbers that compete with the current lithium-ion technology.”

With an efficiency of up to 93%, and does so using a different chemical from that used in previous attempts: employing lithium hydroxide (LiOH) in place of lithium peroxide (Li2O2), and also using carbon electrode in the base of the graphene and “additives that alter the chemical reactions at work on the battery, making it more stable and more efficient,” said the researcher.

The result is published in the journal Science.