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The three weeks of COP 21

13 Nov

The three weeks of the opening of the Paris conference, already held the Pre-COP,PreCop21 attended by about 70 countries and chaired by Manuel Pulgar Vidal – Minister of Peru’s environment and president of COP20, the previous conference.
On the agenda were four central themes: the ambition of the agreement, its equity, the concrete actions to be taken before 2020 and the financing to be mobilized after 2020.
The French Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, Laurent Fabius, who is the president of cop21, showed the press the main objectives of this preparatory ministerial meeting.
Laurent Fabius said: “” We have had to the pre-COP an important step before Paris, but we are more than ever and mobilize the task that remains is considerable, “summed up in the press conference.
Brazil although the has a bold proposal for contribution in INDC (Intended Nationally Determined Contribution , the acronym in English), which would be 43% (the official website of the event registers 37%) involve illegal deforestation, reforesting 12 million hectares the recovery of 15 million degraded pastures and integration of 5 million hectares of crops, livestock and forests.
But we have in Brazil an extremely dirty matrix (hydroelectric being privatized and expensive nuclear power plants already tried to hang), and goals here are not serious, see the goals of economy and respect for labor achievements