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Comment Vivre en temps de crise ?

27 Nov

It is not the economic crisis, it is only the most sensitive part of a wholeCommentVivre systemic crisis involving culture, civilization processes, the correct understanding of the use of technology, and above all and mainly that is being who we are.

The book by Edgar Morin and Patrick Viveret, philosopher and former counselor of the government of Auditors Jospin an important mission which was to redefine what are in fact the indicators of wealth.

Viveret authority is it because Réconsidérer wrote it Richesse (Éditions de l’Aube) and Pourquoi ça ne vas pas mal plus? (Fayard), but the partnership with Morin makes this significant fact speech for the moment we live on the planet.

Just when everything seems to apply for disaster, perhaps this is just a superficial view of a changing world with many interesting opportunities.

We must be ready to welcome the unlikely, and this can only happen to those who are attentive to positive use this crisis as a new opportunity for a new relationship with the democratic power, monetary wealth, but rather with what can make sense to all that we are living and witnessing.

A Europe also Arab and black, an America that embraces and change the lives of the poor, without corruption, dictatorships and ideological biases, all this seems unlikely, but …

What Morin and Viveret deny are the conventional models, the already matured polarization and simplistic reasoning … the improbable can happen: a new era.