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Impeachment impeachmenting

03 Dec

The impeachment impeachment is because those who advocated more out JogoPoliticoCollor, FHC and outside off anyone who disagrees with them, now say it’s a scam, somehow it is.

Because the man who opened the process was in talks to get off the lists of political gifts in winning denunciations of Wash Jet (Lava-jato operation said Cunha is compromissed) came to flirt with the opposition, but saw his tight situation on the ethics committee asking your cancellation without the votes PT would be 11-9 for its cancellation, with three votes of pro-government members 12-11 to save Cunha.

In fact, the famous “Judgment” among government and Cunha’s supporters failed to materialize, especially when beyond them are being investigated Renan Calheiros (PMDB- AL), Aníbal Gomes (PMDB-CE) and Jader Barbalho (PMDB-PA) .

The accepted order was presented by two renowned lawyers: Hélio Bicudo (founder of the PT) and Miguel Reale Junior, and are based on the law of fiscal responsibility, if last year were over 20 billion in the red this year surpassed 100 billion, We spend a lot and spend evil.

But two other jurists Dalmo Dallari and Ives Gandra Martins, with different opinions on the request, agree with the political component of the process, since they are representatives and senators that will shape on removal of the president, but the government leader in the Senate is arrested , Senate President is investigated and Cunha camera just is not convicted of maneuvers that can not last long.

What Brazil needs: the impeachment impeachmenting impeachmented, perhaps taking a half stuck hundred, the worst is that it can even have people of the Supreme Court and it is no joke, mud do Rio Doce (river dead by dams burst) arrived in Brasilia and many dams are to burst.