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Advent, what is coming?

07 Dec

For Christians, at least those of Latin and Roman origin coming from the JesusMeninosecond and third centuries of the Christian era, this is the period of waiting for something to come: the advent.

A masculine noun Advent with Latin etymology, which comes from Adventum term, which means coming or arrival of something or someone, to us is the coming of a boy God and which was also home Jesus, it human and sacred divide same person.

The word advent could also mean foundation or creation of something, such as: Advent of the Internet, the advent of the Republic and now the impeachment process.

This has nothing to do with Santa Claus, when a Christmas elf, has become a figure dressed in red, in 1920 Coca-Cola Cola® began an advertising campaign-related announcements the figure of Santa Claus (Santa Claus American) with prints magazines like the Saturday, who were famous drink advertising.

Also the date is controversial because there is evidence that this date would celebrate the solstice (summer), but actually in the northern hemisphere is the winter period, so it is contradictory.

For Christianity means the fulfillment of a promise, the Messiah, the savior, not as a conventional hero or a political liberator, but someone brought something new to humanity, the life of relationships, the Trinitarian life: I, the Other and the presence of God among us, Emmanuel, that is precisely the coming of Jesus.

Those who are not Christians also feel this climate, even in troubled times, end of an epoch (modernity) and the beginning of a new era, that time is this? the relationship.

New media, the globalized world, the land-homeland has everything to do with it, which may!