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Is Star Wars worth seeing?

19 Dec

Rogue One: A Star Wars story, the newest movie in the series is making its debutjedi on Brazilian screens, the story is pretty simple: the Alliance is formed to try to steal the plans of the Death Star and bring new hope to the galaxy, right here On Earth we need it.
I went to see, had the first expectation that it is not an isolated episode, Princess Leia that holographic broadcast reappears, the already anticipated participation in the Darth Vader trailer, but there are new characters like the Imperial robot K-2SO: a reprogrammed cyborg that speaks everything that comes to his mind, reminds one of the world of politics?
There is also Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) who grew up under the care of the rebel and daughter of the death star’s chief engineer, alongside Cassian (Diego Luna) an Alliance spy, Chirrut (Donnie Yen), a blind warrior who believes In the Force with a religious fervor (impresses even though not a Jedi), Baze (Wen Jiang), protector and partner of Chirrut, and Bodhi (Riz Ahmed), a former pilot of the Empire.
I was watching the 3D version, the special effects really are worth it, Roque One has more action for fans of the genre, Wars actually for now was not exactly war, having more “terrestrial” approaches, being more daring and technically better done.
If this was not clear in previous films, the film “more terrestrial” is because there are scenes that reminds of D-Day, the invasion of soldiers on European beaches (of course in the space film), and also some scenes reimply to the conflicts of the East Medium, well to the global war standard of the American warmonger vision.
Perhaps this praise is also a criticism, but only for those who do not imagine that it has always been behind this series and other American warmongering, but ideology aside, the film is worth, as promised the best of the series.
Are you going to have Oscar? After Mad Max last year, this until it deserves more.




In the name of God ?

16 Dec

Some for gaining notoriety and adherence think they should speak in the namejesus of God, but if they were really attentive, the Bible would read, for example, what Ahaz stated in the text of Isaiah 7: 11-12:


“Ask the Lord your God to show you a sign, whether from the depths of the earth or from the heights of heaven.” But Ahaz answered, “I will not ask, nor will I tempt the Lord.”


Also in the wilderness, a recurring theme in troubled times today, Jesus being tempted recalls Isaiah and repeats in Matthew 4:6-7 :


“If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down. For it is written, ‘He shall give his angels charge over thee, and with their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash dash upon a stone.’ Jesus replied, “It is written, ‘You shall not tempt the Lord your God.'”


To those who want to speak in the name of God, they must first ask themselves if they are indeed authorized to do this, I speak not only of fundamentalists but especially of those who use sacred scripture to promote their political interests of various kinds, arrogance will give them Even greater desert, the absence and silence of God.


Moses, Ahaz, Mary, and so many other biblical characters were humble, how much arrogance in the mouth of those who swear to be in the divine company.


When the angel appears to Mary and says that she will conceive a child, she becomes humble and says “let her will be done” even though she may be confused, and Joseph himself withdraws not to “dishonor Mary”; Law to stone her.


Today, how much arrogance in the name of God, are these men of God?


(Português) De esperança em esperança

15 Dec

Sorry, this entry is only available in Brazilian Portuguese.


UN talks on standards for drones

14 Dec

Abroad, of course in the midst of recession, few will receive a drone in Brazil,drones the UN has issued some rules for you to receive and be able to use a drone that wins as a gift.
Although it seems obvious, the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) survey suggests that only 36% of shoppers have some guidance on safe flights when buying a drone.
The first of the 10 tips says that a drone weighing more than 25kg (55lb) requires a license to operate, this is in agreement with most countries, including Brazil.
The United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) made this statement: “Drones can pose a serious threat to manned flights and the people and owners of flight regions.”
The ICAO says you should read the user manual, keep the drone within sight, and 50m (55 yards) of people, landowners (supposed to be light houses) or vehicles.
You must observe the laws and permits of your specific country.
The CAA drone code, which was updated in November (BBC news), has released an easy way to remember the most important parts of it using the word drone plus 5 rules:
1. Do not fly near airports or airfields
2. Remember to stay below 120m (400 feet) and at least 50m (150 feet) away from buildings and people.
3. Watch your drone all the time (keep in the field of vision, of course you do not always do this).
4. Never fly near aircraft.
5. Enjoy responsibly.
There is also a new app that you can download to make sure you are flying safely.


Games and the Generation Z

13 Dec

The philosopher Bernad Suits (The Grasshopper, Games, Life and Utopia, 2005)ludens is one of the rare ones trying to analyze the consequences of this generation linked to the games and youtubes, I have at least something to celebrate, they were from the big press and TV, But is this enough?

According to Bernard Suits, this generation seeks three basically defined aspects: A predefined ludic goal, clear constitutive rules (adults do not always do this, they change all the time) and especially the playful attitude.

In his book The Grasshopper, Games, Life and Utopia (2005) also discussed the theme in his book, his primary focus is games, claiming it is possible to interpret all types of games based on three concepts: a ” Ludo Objective * Pre-defined “,” Constitutive Rules “and” Playful Attitude “.

One analysis that we can do outside the book is that a game, has a special meaning for each player, who is motivated to follow the rules of the game, even if they limit the player’s freedom, they can follow them because they are clear A correct logical attitude but worrying little human) causing him to have to voluntarily overcome unnecessary obstacles, if there is a logic can transpose them, but life is sometimes presented with illogical characters.

Regarding the playful attitude, although the games are made by big corporations, aiming for profits, it is less and less common to play chess, hide and seek and other directly human interaction, children are not to blame for this, we live in a world lacking of time.

Worse than this, adults reject homo ludens, they have difficulty coping with it, and apparently the teenage generation of today, Z, will face this more harshly, together with a stronger economic and human conjuncture, where we can Balance these children?

Adults see this only as “too much stimulation,” not as stimuli in one direction, playfulness is important, but life should get into “play.”

Read more in Ethics, Vol. 77, No. 3 (Apr., 1967), pp. 209-213, available at:



Coalition Presidentialism in Brazil

12 Dec

One can not confuse the present system in agony with legitimate forms of coalition, brasiliamade from partisan programs or government programs, ways of creating governance in many systems of democratic governments worldwide.

The current Brazilian system, defined by the Brazilian sociologist Sérgio Abranches in 1988, therefore serves only for the Brazilian system and begins before the lulo-petismo (PT party and his chief), has become a way of managing the state in excuse relations between the executive and legislative power.

The recent denunciation of the Brazilian mega-construction company Odebrecht reveals scenes and mechanisms of how this was done during all these years and gradually reveals the true face of the interests of the State and the Brazilian people in the management of the country.

The consequences of this are still unpredictable, but it is true that conscious people want ALL involved to be punished, and there are few innocents in this whole lama.

This analysis, there are many others clear as the one that says that the social programs were important despite the crisis or that they were cause of the crisis, in my view both false, there is a Brazilian historical problem of the firmness of the institutions and their consequences for a stable future Of democracy and social progress (development and economic stability are important, but are of “neighboring” departments)..

Only a good definition of long-term institutionality can determine the possibilities for a country’s stable evolution in a chronic crisis that seems to have no end.

It is necessary to look at how Brazilian history has been characterized by the always turbulent coexistence of institutional elements that together produce certain recurring and often destabilizing effects.

These bases are easily seen in our republican tradition: presidentialism, federalism, bicameralism, multi-partyism, and proportional representation, but with the effects of small states where a deputy needs fewer votes than a larger state.

It is extremely naïve to think that this political-institutional institution has taken its stand by chance, still less fortuitously throughout our history, was thought by colonels and by the central power.

The contradictions of a social, economic, political and cultural nature that historically and structurally identify the process of our Brazilian social formation are ignored and neglected over many years of public policies to eradicate misery and to safeguard workers’ rights. People made it, in general, crumbs to “keep the people quiet”.

But we have certain important singularities in the aspect of long-term institutional stability, when we think of the social transformations that the country has undergone in the last four decades, and not two as some of the same presidentialism want of coalition, the structural degree of our society seems to be There is a consequent propensity for conflict.

With the United States, England and New Zealand being bipartisan systems, and deserving analysis separately, the representation of a maximum of 5 parties from Austria, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and Japan, with 6 parties: Japan, Belgium, Finland and Australia.

A maximum of 5 parties with clear programs could be an important alternative to political stability in Brazil.


Is it possible to turn to a new world?

09 Dec

The prophetic sense of these new days are there: mass dissatisfaction, new warsmundonovo and new forms of nationalism, wars, famines and multitudes without homeland, but there is a positive sign.

Yes, the exhaustion of the productive forces, the abandonment of the disoriented masses and new forms of exploitation, the contempt for the older ones with reforms of the various forms of retirement on the whole planet also reveal a growing dissatisfaction, a cauldron.

Jesus’ comments on John the Baptist’s prophecy, and his way of assigning crowds also in a period of the relationship of the Roman empire to the colonies, among them Judea, and Jesus asked

John the Baptist lived in the desert, preached an ascetic and radical life, the biblical symbology that means lifeless places, but also full of hope in radical change, the Gospel of Matthew (Mt 11: 7-8), Jesus asks the crowd:

“The disciples of John departed, and Jesus began to speak to the crowds about John:” What did you see in the wilderness? A reed shaken by the wind? What did you see? A man dressed in fine clothes? But those who wear thin clothes are in the palaces of kings.”

The message is clear, it is not the men in thin, white-collared clothes, and they have found a “cane” agitated by the wind, a poor and a prophet announcing a new time, he will come, even if religious continue to make a fundamentalist reading , The new time is now and a new world is in management.

The childbirth will come, even if full of pain and difficulties, there will be a revival.



To o start a new world

08 Dec

The metaphor of childbirth is important if we consider that our policrise, the termpartodemaria used by Morin to designate the present moment, is also the moment to be born something new, that inside the maternal-terrestrial uterus has no light and it is not possible to know how the unborn child will come.

Edgar Morin pointed out that the question of development, a term adopted in several countries to tell the way out of this crisis, in the book Introduction to Complex Thought said about this: “Development has two aspects. On the one hand, it is the global myth in which industrial societies achieve well-being, reduce their extreme inequalities, and provide individuals with the maximum happiness a society can afford. On the other hand, it is a reductive conception, in which economic growth is the necessary and sufficient engine of all social, psychic and moral developments. This technical-economic conception ignores the human problems of identity, community, solidarity and culture. ”


For those who still believe in the classic socialist revolution, says Morin in My Left, who questions the ideological paradigms still fashionable here in our “sad tropics,” I find a key idea for his policrisis on page 16: “An Invisible Component of Polycrisis Is the crisis of thought, “Morin calls polycentrism interdependent crises: economics, Western civilization, traditional civilizations, development, we are dealing with placebos the cancer of a decadent society,” then recognize the decadence and insufficiency of Social thought of this moment is fundamental for the birth of a new world.


It is necessary to rethink the thinking, to be able to move deeply in the structures, to ignore the multitudes, and to globalize the crisis there, precisely here is the possible meaning of this crisis, I believe as Morin: “favor economic, social, cultural , Everything that walks in the direction of the solidarity unit of humanity, “the rest is soccer fans, and even this one promises to settle after the Chapecoense soccer tragedy.


What prepares the future for us?

07 Dec

Beyond Baumanian liquidity, a somber visionholograma of the future of humanity, or voluntarism of the kind do something without thinking about what to do, there are clues very close to us, ignored by many, but not by all. A sensitive clue is Edgar Morin, his main work is the Method, written for almost three and a half decades, beginning in 1973, with his book The Lost Paradigm: Human Nature, his questioning is about the ideological and paradigmatic closure of the sciences, but we could say that they accompany the culture and to some extent the religion.

What he does is to present an alternative to the concept of “paradigm” found in Thomas Khun, and then present his “complex thinking” which is the attempt to reunite the various areas of human knowledge, separated into specialties, and whose main book Is Seven Necessary Knowledge for the Education of the Future, seeking to inspire the educator and give “tips” for good educational practice.

Does this book say in an incisive way? “After all, what would all the partial knowledge serve, if not to form a configuration that responds to our expectations, our desires, our cognitive questions? “, That is, knowledge capable of questioning knowledge.

After speaking of the “Life of Life” in his Method 2, the theme is not properly new since Husserl coined the word “Lebenswelt“, to say the world of life, Morin will say in his Method 3, what is knowledge Of knowledge, but before completing Method 2, he will write Well-Done Head, for me his masterpiece, nobody who reads this book, will remain the same.

Method 3, the knowledge of knowledge, presents it in an unprecedented way, first as an anthropology of knowledge, that is, to approach the bio-anthropological conditions of the possibilities of knowledge, states that “knowledge of knowledge requires a complex (Morin, 1999, p. 256), that is, “a thought that is both dialogic, reflective and hologramatic” (Morin 1999, p. 256), but what does hologram mean?

Time the hologram is a projection of something real or imaginary, but in the air without sustenance and substantiality, with this quasi-perfect metaphor (still a metaphor), it overcomes our dichotomies of holism / reductionism, constructivism / realism, and spiritualism / Materialism, allows us to “shift and overcome the problem of the fundamentals” (Morin, 1999, p. 256) of knowledge, we will return to spiritualism/materialism after reading Morin.

The hologram puts the question of “inaccessible to knowledge” (Morin, 1999, p. 16) on the scene, so it forces us to “question all that was evident to us and reconsider all that founded our truths” (Morin 1999 , 16) so that “the search for truth is henceforth bound up with inquiry into the possibility of truth.” (Morin, 1999, 16)

For him knowledge is a multidimensional phenomenon, “simultaneously physical, biological, cerebral, mental, psychological, cultural, social” (Morin, 1999, p. 18), but which has been “split” within our culture, the disjunction between science and philosophy and the disciplinary fragmentation of science. The main idea of ​​Morin is the “lost foundation”, “converging to the ontological crisis of the Real (…). No base of certainty, no real founder. “(Morin 1999, p. 23)

Morin, E. Method 3: knowledge of knowledge. Porto Alegre: Sulina, 1999.


Reddit will control Trolling

06 Dec

Trolling is a term used for various forms of aggression via the Web, among themreddit rumors, lying versions of real facts, practices of bullying, etc.

The Reddit website announced last Wednesday announcing several reforms aimed at identifying and repressing trolling by punishing the most abusive members of this community called “toxic”, according to CEO Steve Huffman.

 More than a hundred such users have been identified, a featured community is The_Donald, in support of US-elect Donald Trump, as a center of controversy over reports that use aggressive tactics to push pro -Trump to the top of the searches on the site.

Given the recent controversy over the election, many users have shied away from civilian gestures, and Huffman himself has been attacked personally, which has been reissuing posts to prevent further attacks by users of users who have been hit.

Reddit’s latest move reflects the idea of greater interaction and serendipity, that is, working in a more convergent sense, where trolls are treated as a serious global problem.

The changes are intended to mark a significant change in the sense of self-policing, limited to community moderators and community people without autocratic or external interference through political bodies outside the community.

The mechanisms have been online forums, with voluntary moderators who oversee the sub-reddits who maintain peace and hold supposed trolls in checks, so conversations will be monitored conversations directly and to the extent that something is considered abusive, moderators intervene direct.