Arquivo para April 1st, 2016

The aesthetic imposed and being in Brazil

01 Apr

Martim Vasques da Cunha analysis is important to solving open a APoeiraDaGloriaKierkegaardian speech around three principles, which is not exactly the speech of the Danish thinker, but it makes sense: the beautiful, the good and the true.

Kierkegaard along the Niestzche and Schopenhauer are certainly a break with the discourse of “monism of reason” term used by Cunha, but probably deliberately wants to put Espinoza and Leibniz who can speak of monism, with Descartes and Kant these rather makers rationalism.

The important thing is that Cunha stating that “in Brazil, life through a purely aesthetic view is what characterizes the behavior of its citizens” (Cunha, 2015, pp. 96) and more forward will indicate “that the Belo does not need good or much less true, and interests him is the appearance, disguise, dissimulation …” (pp. 96).

Taking over a Viera speech Mello, this correct but “actually is the understanding of the world as a stage that takes the Brazilian to an excessive externalization of feelings, externalization that often cannot take effect without a certain insincerity. “(Cited in Cunha, 2015, pp. 77).

True, but we must recognize that we take this somehow “borrowed” the black and not the Europeans who came here, so the rest of Kieerkegaard speech goes for the European, Cunha’s speech itself and not the Brazilian mix.

The mixture of races that make the mixture of the Brazilian added to the Indians, contributed to the difficulty of identity that requires the Brazilian this exhibition externality desire to dialogy, while diving in good looking and fair (in the social sense broader than you might think), something that made Policarpo Quaresma write an application “to the House of Representatives of the Federal Government to ask that the official language of the nation were the Tupi-Guarani and not Portuguese …” (quoted in Cunha, 2015 , pp. 85).

We need space and dialogue for the expression of Brazilianness to develop, we do not know who we are.