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Investigative journalism and networks

06 Apr

The Investigative Journalism is independent journalism, which has led toJornalismInvestigative serious issues of corruption, problems of violence in the world and many other types of oppression.

Cases like Swiss Leaks and now Panama Letters are related to investigative journalism, but the mainstream media and much of other newspapers also do not really understand what this means, in January 2013, an event of the veteran investigative journalist David Kaplan helped defining what this type of journalism is not:
– Leaked news, “get a leaked document by a powerful official and write it on that day is not investigative journalism “, said Kaplan, director of the Global Network of Investigative Journalism and author of Global Investigative Journalism: Strategies for Support.

Not editorial story: “Some journalists think that all good stories are investigative reporting,” Kaplan said.
It is critical report: “Investigative journalism may have critical elements, but just because you’re writing something that is hard and critical does not mean you’ve done the excavation involving investigative journalism
Not reporting on crime and corruption, “Just because you’re covering crime and corruption in editorship does not mean that you are using the tools of investigative journalism.”

In Brazil, last year the Investigative Journalist Evany José Metzker, 67, was found dead beheaded in a rural area of Padre Paraíso, in the Jequitinhonha Valley in Minas Gerais, he researched many cases of violence, including the police, and that period was investigating a prostitution gang of teenagers who acted in Catuji. Minas Gerais State.