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Brazilian democratic and coup

11 Apr

After a first period called Republic “sword” (two generals Deodoro da NewStateFonseca and Floriano Peixoto), the proclaimed and unconquered Republic of Brazil, after had several elected presidents: Prudente de Morais, Campos Sales, Rodrigues Alves, Afonso Pena, Nilo Peçanha, Hermes da Fonseca, Wenceslau Brás , Epitácio Pessoa, Artur Bernardes, followed in the late 20 as the government of Washington Luis, after Julio Prestes who took not owe the 1930 coup.

The oligarchic republicanism and the “coffee with milk” policy that took turns in the political power of the coffee-growing oligarchy entered into crisis, as the crisis Stock Exchange with the drop of 29 accelerated this process, Washington Luis overthrown near the end of his government.

The successful candidate from the state oligarchy was Julio Prestes, but the mining oligarchy wanted it to be Antonio Carlos de Andrada, who gives up and supports the candidacy of Getulio Vargas, with the vice-president of Paraiba Joao Pessoa forming the Liberal Alliance, was the end the “coffee with milk” policy expression used today to indicate a game of marked cards.

But Julio Prestes wins the elections, and candidates defeated resort to denunciation of electoral fraud, the process intensifies having as conspirators gauchos Aranha and João Neves da Fontoura, the mining Virgílio de Melo Franco and lieutenants leaders Tavora and Joao Alberto .

João Pessoa is murdered, and an armed uprising is started under the Goes Monteiro command, October 3, 1930 and the next day, were the Northeast forces that followed accession to revolt and Washington Luis is deposed on 24 October 1930, by the generals Tasso Fragoso and Menna Barreto and the admiral Isaiah Noronha, then the government is transferred to Getulio.

Washington Luis was oligarchic and legalistic, built many roads, is famous for his phrase: “Do not hold no reason not to hold unprocessed” but eventually deposed giving was Vargas that goes up to 1954, as democracy was a delay.