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Brazil rediscovered Grandes Sertões: Veredas

18 Apr


The 1956 Brazil began to democratize, and the most important in the literatureGrandesSertoes is a new and innovative look at the interior of the country, 600 pages of Guimarães Rosa, as well as a linguistic experimentalism of early modernism (back to its in other post)
The book Grande Sertao: Veredas, has something of philosophy and mystery it comes to “announce” the death itself, speaks of the symbolic river crossing and the hinterland of Riobaldo, a curious and inexplicable love for Diadorim, which mingles beauty and fear, there is a being and non-being, the truth of living a lie, there seems to be a covenant between language and poetry.

A former roughneck is the narrator character of the book, here longer a novelty because it leaves the character speaking, Riobaldo known by nicknames Tatarana or Urutu White, and he will talking about an oral speech on popular things, such as:
– The devil exist or not … and will say (…) Well, the devil regulates its black state in the creatures, in women, in men, even the children – I say. (…) And the uses, the plants, the waters, the earth, the wind … manures … The devil in the street, in the middle of redemunho … (Rose, 2001, p. 26).

– Will doing a story about good people as well: “You think and do not think. Everything is and is not … Almost any more serious criminal fierce, it is always very good husband, good son, good father, good friend-of-your-friends! I know these. But it has the later – and God together. I saw a lot of clouds “(Rose, 2001, p. 27).

– But see little distance at all: “So that needs to choose: either we get weaves to live in common scoundrel, or take care of one religion only. I could be: priest priest, if not head of gunmen; for other things I was not given birth. “(Rose, 2001, p. 31).

– Shows the paradoxes between good and evil: “Want good too hard, uncertain way, may already be wondering if evil, why begin. These men! All drew the world to himself, to fix repair. But each one sees and understands things dum his way. “(Rose, 2001, p. 33).

– Their friendship and relationship with Diadorim: “Diadorim and I, both of us. We gave passeios.Com so we differed from others – because roughneck is not much of continued conversation nor close friendships:. Well they mix and desmisturam of chance, but each one is done for himself “( rose, 2001, p. 45)

Cross the river, being and non-being and always be in a selfless love, April 18, 2016.